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The new site is just beautiful Jen :-)


Love the new site!

a home far away

Hi, what a wonderful blog you have, the photos is beautiful and your header..WOW!

Hugs Gunilla in Singapore


glad to see you back! the new site is lovely.

ashley crim

jen...it is gorgeous...just beautiful!! so many congrats on getting it back up...and so fast!!! in the face of adversity you are always pushed to somehow do it even better then next time! :)


welcome back. i love the warm tones of all of your pictures. =) and i especially love your header. very pretty!


i LOVE your blog!


Love the diptych style of your site. They are so lush and lovely and the food ones make me sooo hungry.


OMG!!!! your new site is absolutely stunning. each image is BEYOND breathtaking!!!!!
i am swooning over these pics!!!!
love, love, love it!!!!!


oh, i love, love it. *sigh*


the new site looks fantastic jen! :)


it's absolutely fabulous jen! i knew you'd get the site back up and it would look great but this is simply superb and so fresh!

ps: if you get a chance to drop me an email, i'd love to know who you're using as a host (assuming you switched).


I think the first image on your website absolutely draws the viewer in. It's such an interesting mix of styles that makes the viewer long to know more about you. Your style. I found your website first and it is such a wonder.


I'd love to know who designed your updated site and who you're using as a host. Thanks!

jen altman

thank you so much all!

amanda & pj - i designed the site through Yahoo Sitebuilder and it is now hosted through Yahoo...


thanks for the info jen! i had looked at them before but i seem to remember them not being compatible with mac :( que sera sera!

jen altman

amanda - that is the only thing i can't stand about them and the only reason i keep my desktop pc around! ;)


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