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Hanna T

This is hard to choose! I love all the posts showing recipes with pictures of food, especially "a recipe... or two" with the green tomatoes. It makes me excited for stuff to start growing in my garden again!

I also like the post "happy halloween" because I wish I had a skeleton in my house!


hi jen, my favorite post is the dec 4th one bc i just love love love that photograph of your darling daughter. all the posts are great you keep me inspired xoxo anna


i like the 'sometimes..no words are needed'
i love them all!


I have to say my fave is easy - your post about Omaha & the guide you created...because I live here & love it!


a year?! i found you via soulemama, would that have been a year ago? maybe i HAVE been a silent onlooker that long :) i think i did comment on your strawberry shortcake post.... mmmm. i also always love your shots of your beautiful children.. the light you catch!

really hope i win, although those random choosers never choose me :(


Your post on quiche was by far my favorite because we make it all the time now. The girls both love it too, which is rare around here.


A year?! Holy guacamole!

I really enjoyed the one from the end of July, about first steps. It was so wonderful reading about what it was like witnessing the little ones learning to walk! I can't wait to have children of my own someday.


these are amazing.. i've been trying to figure out how to print polas.. i'm going to have to try now..

Jodi Palmer

oh pick me! my favorite post was at halloween with the skeleton hanging from the light fixture. I just love pictures of your home you have great style :)


Just one post? I guess the last one, with the sweet photo of the wee one in the corner, it made me giggle and sigh at the same time!


My favorite was absolutely the Challah & fried green tomatoes post-- It inspired me to bake bread for the first time, but also to grow tomatoes and put my fingers in soil and connect to the simple things that I take for granted but I love. Of course, all your posts do that for me, but that one stands out the most to me. Thank you.


Well, I love the last picture of your daughter--the one in the corner. But, I have to say any picture of your house interior is my favorite. You haven't updated since you decided to stay in the US! Please do. :)

OH! I guess another favorite is when you decided to stay. I know you were disappointed, but it seemed so meant to be for you to come back to the same home.


I knew straight away which was my favourite post, I just had to search through and find it. 30 July 2008 "Bittersweet". This brought tears to my eyes, we were trying to get pregnant at the time and I was starting to worry maybe we couldn't do it. Your words confirmed for me how much I wanted it and how I was doing the right thing and to keep going. The pregnancu test was positive within days and I will be a Mum within a month! Thank you for always inspiring me.

Elisabeth Abrams

I love your site and your photography, and I love your post from Friday, 18 April 2008. The image of the suitcase and sweaters conveys such possibility and peacefulness.


Jen, there are so many i could choose, but it would have to be a recent one - the post on your mother's birthday - 5th December - really touched my heart, both with your words and the photo


Dear Jenifer, all your posts are beautiful, but today my favorite is: "I'm thankful for" from 26 Nov 08.
We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have.


i can't choose only one.. your posts are all so tender and strong at the same time - and with your photos -- oh yes.


Just one? The strawberry mint mousse recipe post. Because I made it right away, the kids loved it and the photograph was divine. Happy Birthday Nectar and Light.

Maria João dos Reis

I am really in love with all your photos, but my favorite post is "sunshine and happiness" (18 July).
It was the best way to start the weekend. The calm after the storm. A new beginning...
And the picture is the perfect image of such a peaceful Summer afternoon (the time I read the post).
It would be an honor to win this give away..



it's hard to choose as i adore your posts. always some visual loveliness & some written honesty or encouragment. my favourite was 'he is here' though, which payed homage to Autumn. your words were delightful & full of imagery & seemed to capture the best bits of autumn so smoothly & charmingly. i've tried so many times to write about autumn & read so many descriptions/poems/&c about that favourite season, and none was so perfect, so colourful as yours. another memorable post was 'remembering.' so beautiful.
happy birthday, nectar & light! & many thanks.


i have been lurking around your blog for a little while and now seemed the perfect time to comment. i loved your new years post, such wonderful inspiration for the upcoming year. but i love the dreamy simplicity of all your images. and the sweet, practical truths of your writing.

elizabeth t.d.

hi, jen! no doubt, I love your july 30 post 'bittersweet'. The image of your little girl is so beautiful and your words are so honest. It feels personal as if you were writing in a diary. I love being able to share in those moments with blogging.


I have personally been so blessed by participating your Photo Trade, so I look forward to the posts that announce the newest challenge. But really all your photos are so inspiringly beautiful.

Ms Unreliable

I've only recently found your blog care of Mrs. French, and although I've read it for hours on end, I'm still SO excited about the good news for Polaroid in 'Nothing Is Impossible'.


Happy First Birthday Nectar & Light! [:

My definite favourite post from you would have to be "We feel in love in..." on March 11th 2008.

I just found the way your husband said "What're we waiting for?" so inspirational. My fiancé and I at the time were trying to decide whether to stay in the UK or move to Australia as it is a huge, huge step and the way you blogged about it made it sound like an adventure and it took the scariness out of it! It made us think, "Why not?!"

Anyway, keep up your brilliant blogging and photographs!

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