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These photographs are just gorgeous!


I vow and swear that every time I spot one of your photographs of food I cannot be satiated until I get something darned near close to the yumminess you capture, maybe it would be best for my ability to fit into a consistent size if I started looking mainly and the vegetable and fruit collection of your photography:)

Love you work!

the purcells

can't wait to make your apple butter! have never made it but love to eat it and i've been into learning how to can this year - have had fun pickling so far!


Thanks so much for the recipe. And as always I love your Polaroid. Do you always use natural light?

Catherine at Design Editor

This looks insanely good.


love the post. love the pics.


this sounds delicious. thank you for sharing the recipe. hope your long weekend was nice! xo


Sounds delicious. There is an orchard near where I live as well. I didn't pick any apples, but I did buy some of their apple cider... it tasted so good, like a delicious, juicy apple in a cup.


Delicious recipe and utterly stunning photos!

Brian @ A Thought For Food

Who wouldn't love this recipe? Can't wait to try it myself!

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