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Someday, someday, I will own my own Ghost Chairs. Such love there.


I saw this beautiful assortment over at Simply Lovely and wanted to wisk over here to see it live. You have such an amazing collection of favorites :)

Happy Weekend to you and yours!


what a lovely collage! i always love all your photos, especially the polaroids :]

i just recently purchased a sx-70 and recalled reading a post where you gave instructions on how to upload polaroid 600 film and how to take pictures. do you think you could direct me back to that post? thanks! :D

Toast 2 Mom

Oh, I love this post and idea... I will go check it out more... Hope you're well!! :)

Debbie E

Love it,,love the story of that special photographer too. Amazing young lady you are raising there!! Keep her shooting too :D

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