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What a lovely contest idea! I recently discovered your website and photography, and have been completely inspired by your work. Thanks for sharing!



I found your peony photographs on Etsy and have since fallen in love with your work. It's like you put my thoughts into photographs. You are inspiring, so thank you!


your creativity and art are inspiring!!!!


oh congrats jen, on all your successes! i'm so glad that i found you, your photography, the phototrade, and your amazing book. i loved participating in the trade the one time i've been able to do it so far, and hope to sign up again when i have more time (and mary and i have actually started our own little side trade too!). thanks for all the beauty and inspiration.


happy anniversary! your work is so beautiful and atmospheric, thank you for sharing it.


i'll be another to say your photos are always so lovely -
i'm a bit of a newbie to polaroids and i'm constantly in awe of the consistency your pictures have in their feeling/tones/etc...just beautiful...
thank you as well for "For the Love of Light" i kind of feel like i was around to see a bit of history being made, and i'm happy to have a copy.


your images are just delicious. happy anniversary.


Happy Anniversary! You always inspire!


Oh, I'd love one of those - I love polaroids too - I can't believe they aren't making them any more. Love the photos.


i love your work and i want a chance at winning the 10x10!

will you post more here about the trade? i'm interested.

Maria João dos Reis

Congratulations for the anniversary!
I love your photos, Your blog is a daily bookmark for me!


happy anniversary! that cupcake looks too good to eat!


ooh! happy anniversary! i discovered you over the summer and i think i have hearted just about every one of your photographs on Etsy at one time or another. continued success!

cindy k

oh, i hope i win in order to have another of your glorious photos to stand next to my other one! congratulations on your anniversary! your new banner is gorgeous.


happy (almost) one year. I have enjoyed your photos and your writings! I have also enjoyed the Photo Trade, it has been so fun and inspiring, what a wonderful idea that was!


I'd love to be entered - where is that delightful looking cupcake from (I assume local)? I have a cupcake thing. Congrats on your anniversary.

Jodi Palmer

Congratulations! Your blog is a daily read for me. Very inspiring!

Leslie L.

Happy anniversary! This was my first month with the photo trade; thank you for including me.


We don't even have to do anything. Just enter our names? No scavenger hunt? No essay? No collected soda tops?


Wow you are going to have a lot of comments by the end of the month! You have lovely work here as does your daughter ;) all the best with your work and I am going to look into getting involved with the photo trade you are posting about - are there guidelines or themes to the photos you send?


Happy anniversary. How exciting! You have such wonderful work - I enjoy checking your blog each week to see what is new. May you have many more prosperous years with your business. I think it's wonderful when someone's work is something they LOVE to do.

lacey poag

congrats on your anniversary...wonderful work! would love to have a 10x10 thanks for all you do!


your work is beautiful. thank you for sharing it.


hi jen, your blog makes me feel warm and fuzzy :) thanks for the fun contest!



Happy 1st Anniversary! Here's to many more. Your photos have been inspiring me ever since I first saw them. Congrats!

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