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Toast 2 Mom

Love the bag! Excellent work!!

Kelli RH

What a cute way to encourage your girls to read. Just want you to know that I love reading your blog; it's such an inspiration.
A while ago you posted a recipe for crab dip; I made it last week and LOVED it!
Thank you


Your idea for these bags is so lovely! and I like them a lot. Good work!


I am glued to swimming right now...absolutely. And the sewing thing, when I first started, I was threading it wrong...and I didn't even believe it when the guy at the sewing shop told me so. But it does make such a difference. It's good to start with small projects first. Thanks for the link love.


that bag looks super cute and i bet the next one will turnout even better. growing up, my mom was never what you would call a "seamstress" but i always loved everything she personally made me. i bet your girls will too.


Watch out! It gets addicting. Soon you will be haunting reprodepot and suuperbuzzy for fabric sales. Looks terrific friend!


Yours looks considerably better than my first tote attempt. I have just come across your blog today, and it is so lovely, your photographs are beautiful. :)


oh my gosh...i totally hear ya...yes...if you can thread the machine...you can sew...LOL. I can't thread my machine. I always forget how to do it and once my mom or MIL show me...then i get it..till i forget again and my youngest child takes and pulls all the thread out! LOL ARGH!
I think that bag looks great!! Best of luck in your future sewing endeavors! :)


Oh - this bag is unbelievably sweet! Who cares what 'perfect' is?

And, YES, that relay nearly killed us!! Just imagine my soon to be freshman in high school boy (who competitively swims and will be a water polo player for the first time next week) screaming and jumping up and down at the very same moment as the two of you.

AWEsome :)


I've had a sewing machine for 3 years now and still do not know how to thread it. As soon as I learn, you can bet that I will be making things nonstop. I can't wait.


Nice tote! Thanks for the link love!

What a lovely blog! Any idea where I can find film for a polaroid land camera? We just inherited one and my daughter and she's diggin' it!

ashley crim

LOVELY!!! As a "wanna be" sewer and scarred to start that first stitch...I am most impressed!


Lovely work on the tote...that is the kind of pattern I will start with too. I have a DrikaB bag and a moop bag and I love them!


i just stumbled across your blog and am drawn by the quiet beauty.


the tote bag is so pretty! i really like the colour combination you chose. i made very similar mistakes when sewing my first tote bag, but i used it until it started falling apart.

Anna beard

"trying to sew." UH....looks like you're succeeding! WOW! This is awesome. As with everything you do, it's really great. :-) I miss you! I've not been on here for a bit...! Oh, life! Anyway, wonderful....I see 'clothing designer' next. :-)


looks great! you're a natural. they'll be checking out books in style.


Oh it's a great job for your first attempt!

Mandy Saile

I haven't visited in a couple weeks and once again I am welcomed into your warm and cozy world and struck by your beautiful photos, wow. You can even make a loaf of bread look stunning...your talented lady:D Fried Green Tomatoes are one of life's small pleasures aren't they...espeacially coming from ones own garden. The bag you made turned out brillantly...I love how it's so huge on your daughter but wouldn't be better any other way...congrats on a successful sewing project, I think you may just be a natural. I won't say 'Enjoy Each Day' as it's apparent you do so truly already...Be Well and I can't wait to see what you capture next. Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy


oh my, what a surprise!!


ps: 25% off sale

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