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how about miniatures?


How about 'linear' or 'curvilinear'?

Leslie H.

Hi there! I really, really, really want to join, and I have sent a couple of emails to the photo trade email address. I just haven't gotten a response. :(

I was wondering if maybe my emails got put in your spam folder?

Can you email me since my emailing you doesn't seem to be working?

leslie at bugweb dot net

Please and thank you. :)


How about "reflections" as a possible theme? Thanks for all the time you give to this project! xo.


I just signed up! :) I'm so excited! This is such a brilliant idea!


This is a beautiful composition! I really like the idea of keeping things to two colors!


I cannot wait.

Diane Schuller

Yes, I love that idea and I'm so glad the trades continue! I'm going to challenge myself to keeping the stills to one or two colours at the most.

Diane's Flickr

Diane Schuller

I do have an idea for consideration ...


Hands hold us; hug us; reach out to touch, pick, create; they connect in love and protection; they range from tender newborn to rough & hardworking to lined with wisdom from age; and so on.



love this theme. can't wiat. as for a suggestion, how about pure and simple, the sky.

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