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You are such a motivator for food. I bought some peaches and raspberries today to make pie. And knitting seems to be on my "need-to-learn" list too.

Melissa de la Fuente

Wow....that sounds like absolute bliss....I am so glad you have been having such a great time. Here is to a wonderful finish to the week!


Sounds like a lovely week indeed with your beautiful girls.:) and that pie looks so perfect!
ohh yumm thank you for sharing all of these:)

Have another great week


i cried during the closing ceremonies of the olympics as well :(
i adore your blog (& work)... hope this finds you well :)


Hi there! Did you mean to include the recipe for the crust because I don't see a link for it. The recipe would be helpful to me. Thanks.


Mandy Saile

That sounds like the most perfect week indeed. Your pie looks delicious and I don't even really like pie, ha ha! Anyhow, to celebrate my 100th post I am having a draw over at my blog so if your interested, pop on by and enter your name by leaving a comment...just wanted to let ya know, thanks. Be Well, Mandy Saile


Fleet Foxes could be one of the best things of the year!!!
I love your polaroid!


thank you so much ladies - hope you are all well!

* so sorry about the link paz - it is up now!


Thank you! I look forward to trying this out!



That looks delicious! Sounds like you had a wonderful week, yourself! Especially the part where you ate waffles and pancakes every morning. Lucky you!


That sounds like the most perfect week, and my mouth is watering when I read that pie recipe. Yum! Thanks for sharing!

Sara Bradshaw

That pie looks scrummy :)

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