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hello, jen. I hope you know that you're OUR inspiration. this is a beautiful post, thank you for sharing.


Oh jen...you are such an inspiration and these photos and recipes are the best.


i'm hungry now :) fabulous post


I've always wanted to try challah bread, thanks for the recipe. My tomatoes didn't grow yet this year (still hoping). I think we planted too late and our yard doesn't get enough sun.


I've had this itch to make bread for the last six months. My mom was suppose to give me a lesson this summer, but it never happened. I might have to just brave it alone with your recipe at hand. :) And your photos are so beautiful, as always.


omg!!!! i wish i could jump through my screen and gobble these up.
your photos are beyond breathtaking.
thanks for sharing.


what a wonderful post, the images and recipes look and sound delicious!


that's what we had with grammy this past weekend... we're living parallel plates...


the fried green tomatoes look FABULOUS! your blog is WONDERFUL!!!!!


I'm going to buy some green tomatoes at my local farmers market this weekend and use your recipe above... yum yum.


i've been making the same challah recipe for ten years. i bookmarked this one months ago, and finally, three weeks ago made it for the first time. i've made it each week since, and just put my dough in the bowl to rise for tonight. thank you!


What a fabulous sandwich!

Farmgirl Susan

Hi Jen,
I just discovered your beautiful blog via design sponge - and when I saw the mention of SMALL magazine in the post, it reminded me I hadn't checked the Small Bites for the current issue. What a nice surprise to find you there, too!

I'm taking it all as a sign that I was meant to stumble upon this post. First of all, I'm crazy for colanders so I LOVE the one above. And secondly, despite being an avid gardener, I've never gotten around to making fried green tomatoes (I usually turn mine into green tomato salsa/relish). I don't think I've actually ever eaten them either. Yours are the most scrumptious looking ones I've ever seen, and since my tomato plants are still embarrassingly small despite it being July, I see plenty of green tomatoes in my future. I'm also an avid bread baker so I love the idea of a fried green tomato sandwich.

Thanks for the delicious inspiration. All of your photos are just gorgeous.

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