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cindy k

i love your photo and recently tried my hand with a polaroid camera thanks greatly in part to your beautiful work and the for love of light book. i get it!


Sephora - yeeeeeee! I'm excited...much to talk about. :)


Laura Veirs. This woman is amazing. Thanks for introducing me.

Sounds like you've a rather lovely and enjoyable week. Can't wait to see you.... :)


Mmmmmm.. I want to bathe in saltwater and lay upon beaches too. Mermaid dreams sound perfect for today.

Anna Beard

Oh! Yiorgos Kordakis - OH, so lovely. !! You always share the most beautiful places. :-) I need to call you!!!

Sarah M

Oh my goodness--you live in Omaha? We live in Lincoln--I was VERY excited about that store coming as well--finally we don't have to go to Kansas City (3 hours away) just to drool! :)


Thanks for the Yior link. Every image I looked at made me emit a "WOW". Soooo inspiring. Any idea what was used to make the images in global summer?


I adore Jane Austen's novels, so I was crushed when I saw Becoming Jane. It was just so sad.


This photos is adorable.

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