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Oh. we are so similar. Three children in 3 1/2 years. My youngest is 2 and I am still holding on, although she has done things sooner than the rest. She's still my baby and will be.


This post makes me long for a baby of my own - I can't wait for the excitement of first steps, even if it is tinged with a little sadness. Your girls are adorable - keep cherishing their every accomplishment :)


This brings tears to my eyes. Your writing is so beautiful. My baby just turned 3 yesterday, and while we celebrated "our big boy" there was just a bit of sadness in me of how quickly we came to this point.


Beautifully written. My son will soon be turning two. My husband and I planned to have just one child, but oh how I would love to have more...The beauty and adventure that children bring is such a blessing.


What a beautiful post. The moments truly are fleeting. With this next baby I hope I dont rush all the milestones as I did with my first.


so beautifully said and so so true.
I have a hard time with the fact of never having this time again. Good thing there are always more new firsts:)


Jen, I am right here with you. Sam is two now and because he is my last baby, I don't want him to grow up! His big accomplishments, while I stand in awe and am amazed and happy to be there, are also a bit hard for me to watch....because with each one, I know his years as my baby are fleeting, as you said. Yes, it is truly so bittersweet! :-)

kosenrufu mama

i agree with you, it's so hard to let them be indipendent and let tem grow... i feel the same with my children.... but they do it anyway... the life has so strong energy. the life goes on anyway, and then i'm so proud of them. have a nice day.

Carla M. M.

Gosh, I'm a bit teary. Our first and only is barely one and this post makes my heart flutter. I get so excited for each of her incredible moments but I get a bit teary eyed to think her infant stage is over. It makes me yearn for a small village of babies. Beautifully written...thanks!

lisa truesdell

i so understand this feeling. my littlest turned 1 on 7.29, and has been walking since 10 mos. i haven't really forgiven him for trying to grow up so fast.


This little sweet story touched me so much.
Although i don't have children myself (yet) i can imagine your feelings.
Beautiful and tough feelings at the same time..


made me cry...


made me cry...

Toast 2 Mom

Ah, very sweet!

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