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hi jen,
thanks for your lovely comment!

ps: i still have a couple bags left!


Jen, I've been so busy this week, but had some time to check your blog and am so glad I did! I LOVE your little garden...sounds wonderful. And, yes, Spectra is SO, so great! I want to do the tomatoes in pots thing next year. I'll have to get some tips from you! I love the aesthetic of them, too. :-)


oooh - i will email you soon tracy! ;)

anna - i owe you a call friend - tomorrow morning? xoox


Just wanted to say I really love your photography and now your blog as well!
I wish I had stocked up on Spectra film before they started phasing it all out - my Spectra (and all my other Polaroids) are sitting lonely on a shelf.
Also, your container garden looks/sounds lovely. It's so nice to be able to grow your own produce!

ashley crim

just lovely!! my sister was just visiting and we were missing having my mom's fresh tomatoes from her garden...I never even thought of planting them in barrels. I will have to do this next year!! when is the best time to plant them...and any special tips?

so glad home is feeling like home again!


I am just figuring my Spectra out too Jen. They are very different from the SLRs.
I want to know how Lindsay and moxiee Annie get the shots they do!


A happy picture is always a good thing !I am cherishing every single shot with my sx70 these days. Haven't heard of that book either so will have a look out for it...looks interesting.

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