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Jen, I'm sure not to the extent you did recently!, but I just spent a few days 'organizing' and cleaning my bedroom and kitchen. I know what you mean - less seems SO much more comforting, rich and it feels clean all the time. So simple. I'm SO GLAD your move back in was simple...that it's not been overly taxing. How awesome for you and your family!


That is exactly what we did for the move from san antonio to boston for a year and then here to KC. I had to purge tons of my stuff so we could handle all those quick moves on our own. I mean exactly even down to the glass leftovers and daily silver usage! It feels so good to know we just have what we need and no more.

ps..cannot wait to see the larger print jen! you have to take a photo of it hung over your couch. I have been thinking of doing this to one of mine.


So glad that the move back is going so well. I agree with you on purging, it feels so good to get rid of stuff. Now only if I could stop buying! :)


That is such good advice. I have been living like a vagabond this past year; I know I need to go through my old things and throw some things away. After reading your post, I decided that I will do that this weekend. Megxx


Hi Jenifer,

I just received my copy of 'For the Love of Light'in the mail today, and I just wanted you to know that I think it is absolutely beautiful and money well spent! Good job, thank you for the inspiration..
Anne-Carine from Norway :)

Vanessa Voss

Hello Jen, I found your blog a week or two ago and adore it much. All your photos are stunning. I just wanted to say how much I resonate with this post. I just wrote about the same thing - simple living - on my blog a couple days ago. It's a topic close to my heart. Thank you for your post :)


Maybe you could take all the things you wanted out of your Italian experience and try and work them into your life in subtle ways.
I forever dream of riding a bicycle to pick up french sticks and flowers in a tuscan village.

Miss Bebop

so lovely!!!!


Such a gorgeous picture...
Really touching.

Have a great week!

:) Mila.

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