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i understand your hesitancy to share. it must have been a very difficult decision, but i must say, one that seems wise. best of luck to your family.


Jen, I will be thinking about you during these next few weeks. I am positive you and your family will eventually be able to follow those dreams.


Your faith in your family and the future will surely bring you joy, wherever you find yourself. Jen, your beautiful energy will find it's new focus.


I am glad you and your family have made a decision that is best for you all. Hugs.


this decision is just as courageous as the last. if not moreso. my mother always says that nothing happens by accident. i believe that everything becomes clear in the end. wishing you well as you begin this next chapter.

ashley crim

what a big decision indeed...I hear the sadness in your words, but hope that very soon you are able to get excited about recreating your space with a new flair...as I just love how you designed it last time...I can only imagine the challenge you have given yourself to go above. On the other note...you were able to spend precious time with your family while you were staying with them...and how the girls must have loved that!

many blessings on this new journey!


you can look at it this way: everything happens for a reason...
i know how excited you must've been thinking about italy--it's such a beautiful country!
perhaps it will happen for you one day...

cindy k

jen - wherever you go, we will follow. it's always a wonderful ride. and, the beauty of the circle is that it never ends. xo, cindy


What a hard decision to make, I am sure you considered each alternative. On the plus side, you had some lovely experiences with your parents in the last few months...what is meant to be will come. Your patience will persist.

amy williams

Life is an incredible journey, and you and your family will find a new place within your old home that feels right for now..Over the last few months we have all had the joy of sharing in your decisions, and most important is the courage you have to keep checking in with your self.
All the best on this next path.

Mandy Saile

Hello there. Even though we only know one another through blogging...I've been tuned into your posts for a couple months now and I found myself wondering about you, and what you decided to do about the house. Isnt' this blogworld of us so amazing:D I am sorry to hear that the decision to stay was seen as a step back...I don't see that at all...you seem very open to new experiences and the fact that you have that willingness and open-ness, speaks clearly I think, that you are just meant to remain where you were, for the time being. I really hope you settle back in, as nicely as you seemed to be before. I wish you well and look forward to more posts and of your beautiful beautiful photography. Be Well, Mandy Saile of Bijou's Whimsy.


You'll get there when the time is right. I don't see it as a step back, rather it's a decision based on needs and what's best for the time being. It's not forever.

And what a wonderful father-in-law. Would he like to add some family to his brood?


jen, it is so good to have you back. you have been missed. i actually thing moving back into to your new/old house sounds really exciting. i would love to move out of our house for a couple of months and do all of the things to it i was meant to do before we moved in. enjoy, and italy will be there when the time is right. xo


Jen, it's hard to go through things like this...I'm sure you are just so tired and overwhelmed in the midst of transition. But, you've had some lovely things come out of it (especially photos!) and I'm SURE that you and your family will realize your Italy dream one day. It's definitely worth holding on to! Best, Anna

Toast 2 Mom

Looking forward to seeing the NEW house!


Best of luck on your next journey!


I love emily's encouragement, it is so true. all the best for you and your family, jen, and my love and support is always yours.

Fifi Flowers

Something good will come of this... everything happens for a reason... all the best!


That was quite a tough decision to make, and most of the times the right decisions are the hardest. It sound like you've done the right thing.

Liberty Post Editor

Wise women never get attached to things. (and this includes houses) They only get attached to people and ideas.


God bless you and your family! Just think how exciting it will be when you get to move! Plus- who doesn't love redecorating and making old places feel new?


warmest wishes to you all. enjoy your nesting and welcome home...at least for the time being. things have a way of working themselves out. be well.


i hope all is well, and everything will turn out as you wish asap. all these travelling, hope you get some rest with the family.


I know you are sad to see your plans put on hold for a bit, but just remember it's a long road, and this is just one little leg of the journey. Welcome home and warm wishes!


I've been reading and enjoying your blog so much, but have never commented. And my husband recently surprised me with some of your photos for my birthday! They are so beautiful. And whether you're abroad or in the US, I'm definitely going to keep reading! Thanks for sharing your beautiful life with us!

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