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Jeff Kauck

WOW..... magical....inspiring.....fantastic.


I just ordered one! I can't wait. I'm sure it will be amazing...

Toast 2 Mom

I love my book... Totally rad about the Design Sponge site.... Excited to come over and see the new look!

beatrice 茱迪

i am looking forward to it. :)


congratulations. this is absolutely gorgeous.

cindy k

we just returned home from a vacation at the beach with a polaroid camera in tow for the first time. this book was waiting for me when i got the mail.

boy was i happy i have a copy of this wonderful love letter to the polaroid. i get the passion for the medium completely, now. it's magic.


congratulations! you do beautiful work...i plan on getting a copy to put on my new coffee table!


I'm amazed at mine. I keep thumbing through it wondering how i was asked to be a part of this. So, so grateful. :-) It's gorgeous.


I got my book a few days ago, and it is wonderful!!! And I am super excited about the print I got along with it. Will be framing it. Thank you.


wish i could afford a copy right now but alas so many other necessities :)

maybe next edition...


i just received mine!! it's such a beautiful book and you've written such lovely words about it and the photographers!

thanks for making the book!

Catherine (from Paris)

Hello Jenifer.
I've received mine yesterday in Paris, France !!! Thank you so much for the brilliant and inspiring idea. The book is heavenly beautiful, just like the pictures inside. I'm really contemplating writing a post about it on my blog to share this nice photographic moment.


yes i've been meaning to write to you to let you know i received my copy last week, thank you!! i love it! so much inspiration, and it was lovely to read a little bit about each photographer. I'll email you soon with a proper thank you! px

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