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Have a lovely trip! I know it must be hard to face ten days away, but it will go quickly and I know you will bask in every lovely minute!


I'm sure you'll have a great time! that resort looks fantastic.

p.s. corso comos? {only the most comfortable shoes on earth}


hello, resort! have a fabulous time.


Love your photography!


thank you ladies! yes, corso como - you are SO right alyson! xoox

Toast 2 Mom

Wahhh, I wanna go! :) Have a great trip! Chat when you return!


AHHH, so lovely. You will have SO much fun! Kiddos will be fine! Enjoy it!


Enjoy the vacation.

.girl ferment.

gorgeous blog.


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I stumbled across your website only to find I've feature you before. I knew I was drawn to your photography for a reason. I hope you enjoy your trip.


GORGEOUS photo. and enjoy your trip...

fiona Kennedy

okay, so here's the deal...I love your blog and your photos inspired me to purchase an old polaroid camera on ebay (this may have also been fueled by an afternoon Pim's Cup). Where can I find books or a website that can teach me how to best use said camera? Not to mention where to find affordable 600 film...beware of tipsy internet purchases!
Have a wonderful trip!


lovely lovely lovely

kosenrufu mama

enjoy your vacation!!!


Enjoy your time off! That shoe picture is just fabulous! Be prepared for some very hot weather, it's been tough staying cool!


I hope you're back in the online world soon Jen! We miss you!

maryam in marrakesh

I hope there has been lots of room service, plenty of sleeping in, and many delicious cocktails.

Warm wishes from Marrakesh

ashley crim

jen!!! i hope you are having a lovely time!

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