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i loved seeing you over there today.
once again your photos did not disappoint.
how absolutely beautiful.
i can not wait to try the yumminess you shared.


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I'm the featured seller on Etsy for the next couple of days, and I listed your site as one of my favourites in the interview. Thanks for the gorgeous photos! Take care,


What a beautiful shot-- so fluffy and sweet. I think I need a latte immediately!

Uncle Beefy

Oh m'goodness, Jenifer! I'd never heard of you or your work before seeing it on d*s...and I am thrilled. Your work is extraordinary! It feels homey & otherworldly, a bit melancholy but radiating with warmth and hope. You, my friend, are a might talented woman and I'm glad we get to share in your gift. Thanks! :)


so proud of your appearance! xo


jen....such a cool write up! Beautiful pictures! So happy for you!


loved the post on DS...can't wait to try these...they look delish!


here is a world wide polaroid project i am running, do you want to participate ?? http://ahomeforalice.blogspot.com/


oh i love mandelbrot. that is my childhood. i'll have to try your recipe sometime!

nadia  Dole

If It wasn't so late I would make these right now! they look delicious and your blog is stunning


Thanks so much for this recipe, it is heavenly! I just made it this morning, been planning to make it ever since I saw this post. Your site is such an inspiration!


never ever thought that something this easy would end up so delicious. just made it and am eating it now.
oh, and the photography is beautiful too... as beautiful as the mandlebrot...i'm in heaven!

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