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thank you so much for sharing, jen. after chatting with another incredibly kind &knowledgeable jen (danske on flickr) about taking stunning light-filled polaroids this weekend, i almost emailed you with a few more questions because you two seem to capture the light so beautifully. i have to say, though, that no matter how many tips you give, so much of what is produced has to do with the eye of the photographer and that special ability to compose magic. and wow do you compose magic with your polas. hopefully before my film runs out i can create a little magic with my own. megxx


thanks for the links to blogs that i didn't know of and look great!

i have come so close to buying an sx-70 so many times! i just compromised by winning a much-less-expensive kodak duoflex on ebay and i'm going to do some TTV. i would still love a sx-70, but unfortunately my budget doesn't allow.

but i'm very happy to be able to enjoy your photos.


Thanks for sharing!!!

I am so impressed by your dreamy polaroid pics...I wanted to pick up a camera:-))



I completely agree. I think that sharing is a very important part of what we do. Not only does it help someone else, it also cements in ourselves what we already know. Thanks for sharing. Now how about telling us what 120 film you use. C'mon, Jen. xojen


I am glad to see that you are back in the swing of things, I was an avid follower of "Athena Says" and you have done some work for me in the past! I'm always starting new things, please stop and visit!

P.S. Your photography is gorgeous, I already added you to my links!


thanks for sharing!

i am trying to look for a 680 but saw a 640 on local yahoo auction instead...do you happen to know if they take similar pictures?

i am trying to search on flickr too for more info. =)


I love this photo...love, love, love. The little girl is beautiful, the green apple, wonderful brown with hints of violet, and the wispy hair in the light.


I really do adore your photography...

jen altman

thank you friends for your warm words...

meg - you are so sweet and i am so happy you contacted jen - her work inspires me to no end.

jen - kodak 160vc - you're turn ;) xo

joanna - i am not sure about the quality from a 640 - i do know that it is a MUCH less expensive camera - which often reads not as high quality. the 680 is really the sharpest and most dynamic in the family - if you can - hold out for one - or a sx-70 of course will rock your world! ;)


I have been reading you since Matt first introduced everyone to your lovely photography a few weeks ago. I had to second your praise of his openness as a photographer/artist. He helped me out last month and I was so grateful and impressed with how candid and thorough he was answering questions for me. He's an amazing guy!

While I don't shoot polaroid and my photography is very different than yours- I've been incredibly drawn to your images. The quality of light and softness evokes the same feeling I get when I go to my favorite store- Anthropologie. :) I also have dreams of moving to Italy and hope that one day they will come to fruition. Good luck with your move...

o l g a

Follow the link and there is a picture of my little boy wanting to say HI to your little apple-eater!


o l g a

Follow the link and there is a picture of my little boy wanting to say HI to your little apple-eater!


susan yee



This is one of the most exquisite photos I have ever seen.

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