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I always love your links jen! (and you know I love that picture)

Lisa Pijuan-Nomura

it's funny, this morning my husband made me pb and j for breakfast before i was out the door teaching puppetry at the school. I hadn't had it for a long time, and i remembered the yummy comfort that it brought. I might have to have another one for breakfast tomorrow morning..

I am relatively new to the world of blogs, but i am loving it so.

you blog will be put on my list of blogs i read. thank you for your beautiful images and wonderful words.


so sweet!
and beautiful photo


Adorable! Completely captures childhood innocence, and anyone who ever ate pb&j as a kid has had that moment.

joanna goddard

this post was so sweet, it breaks my heart. i love that photo.


Oh what a gorgeous photograph - what a wonderful thing to have. I love the pictures my parents took of me as a toddler for the yellowed square seventies photographs and the dirty faces and retro wallpaper.


I love the peak at your younger self. Most of all, I love the peak at your father's love for you. He must also have been a photographer. Is he where your own artistic sense come from?

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