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You make me want to come over there on the weekends! Rituals are so wonderful. Can't wait for the new photo swap!

Make and Takes

This photo might be one of my favorites. I love Saturday mornings with big breakfasts.


this is such a beautiful photo. love, love, love it.
i also want to partake in your ritual. sounds so lovely.
can you share your yummy sounding dip?


Hi! I followed you here from Esty (somehow I came across your Etsy shop) and I would just like you to know how much I LOVE your work. I really, truly appreciate what you are doing...the simple pleasures that make everyday life truly special are so often overlooked. I am definitely going to buy some prints and I can't wait to read/see more.




lush yet so cozy, entirely enviable
can't wait to hear of the next swap, as the first was so fun


Hi just found your blog through Soulemama' one.
I laughed with this entry since I just posted one very similar
[pictures not as beautiful as yours] called "morning rituals".
Rituals are so important just like breathing in and out.

Thanks for your lovely blog


What a beautiful breakfast. I am inspired!


absolutely divine~ I wish I could have a cozy ritual like that. Your photo makes me think of the song Sunday Morning by Maroon 5, or Banana Pancakes by Jack Johnson (:

jenny v.

our home is steady with rituals as well, movie night, sunday dinners (every night we have dinner together, but what is it about the weekends that make it even more ritualistic? :)

jen, this photo is just beautiful. hope you don't mind if i beautiful.tumblr.com it today, grin.


What a lovely post - my family is the same way with its 'rituals'. It's nice to see that we're not the only ones!


this is just stunning!!


Hello again, cousin! I love the new blog (and Adie's too!)...

We have a Friday night pizza ritual, since we're sharing ;) I start the crust in the afternoon while the kiddos sleep (yeah, the real Italian way, starting with a rye sponge and ending with pizza perfection!) and Gabriel always helps me roll out the dough.

This is typically followed by a movie for four and a lot of snuggling on the couch. Ah, if only every day were Friday...

d e a r

I´ve been thinking of that - do we have rituals? Well every night my son falls to sleap to the muic by Arvo Pärts; "Alina". The same music that played all night when he was being borned. In the mornings we listen to Mozart and do the morning-things in the same order... And yes, we DO have some rituals in my home. And... I want more of them!

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