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It's good to see you back at your blog. I missed it! (one of my faves) :-)


Your photos are so lovely. You have captured such a wonderful moon here: the cold and coziness of the day, at the same time.


oh that was supposed to say "Mood"...this is what happens when I type with the kids on my lap. :)


I spent my day in pj's,sipping coffee while browsing spring catalogue(clothes)and dreaming.it's raining here in Glasgow and light is rubbish,i feel so uninspired(photography).oh well,spring is around the corner :)


Hi Jen! Great to see you back! The new blog looks great! And the photo swap looks like fun!

I actually wish my window view were more like yours. It's been raining here in L.A., but I still wish for days with less sun! Oh well. The grass is always greener, I guess.


thank you ladies!

I knew what you meant alicia ;)

stana - i know - i would actually take rain over snow right now - i am just over the cold... xoxo


jen. i love these photos and your blog. thanks for mentioning me on your blog. i really appreciate it. see you in blogland.


I just stumbled across your blog and love, love, love, the chocolate picture / recipe and the gorgeous tea one with the blue scrolly background. Gorgeous! Glad I came across your blog!

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