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That looks just perfect! :-)


wow. looks delicious!

jen a

thanks ladies! it was ;)


By far my favourite summer dessert!


These look fantastic - I have searched for this recipe. Thank you!

jen a

renee - mine too ;)

irene - i hope you enjoy!


Ready to try this one for sure,


I just made the cream biscuits (I usually make slightly sweetened buttermilk biscuits for this dessert) and I will never go back. Your recipe is absolutely perfect. They rose beautifully (thanks for the tip on not over-flouring) and I added some vanilla last minute to the cream mixture. We had to stop "sampling" before non remained for dessert.
Keeper of a recipe. Thank you!

jen a

rachel - SO happy to hear! they are pretty amazing, yeah? ;)

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The photos just convinced me to try this one. I have made a while ago and my kids loved it. Going to make some again tomorrow.

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