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that sangria sounds great, i could do with some of it and some sun!

jen a

it's been pretty spotty here too jenni - ready for the pools to open and flip flop weather everyday!


I'm not a big fan of wine, but I *love* sangria. This recipe sounds amazing! And, I have nice rosemary bush growing outside my front door :)

Melissa Cowan

I tried this recipe last weekend, it is always so hot and humid in Singapore and this was the perfect cold and refreshing afternoon treat. Thank you! Mel

jen a

toni - same for me about wines ;)

so happy you enjoyed it mel! makes me miss singapore ;)

sewa mobil jakarta

Very nice, thanks for sharing.


Just saw this. It sounds fantastic. Can't wait to give it a try once the weather warms up here a bit more in Portland, OR.

Hillary Butler {Fine Art}

This looks like it came from heaven! I can taste it now. Pinning and cannot WAIT to make this!!!!!!


Great idea! And the rosemary looks so pretty. I see no need to cut this recipe in half. ;)

the wanna be country girl

Wow!! those look wonderful. I'm over-run with rosemary, so I'm glad to use some of it...and I never need a reason to enjoy wine. Can't wait to try them! Thanks for sharing.
~ Caroline

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