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Sarah | Chic Sprinkles

Those avocados look delicious!


Absolutely - I get ebbs and flows too and I think that´s how it should be. The flows gets so great! :-)

Avocado is one of my favourites - yum!

jen a

it was so good sarah - perfect ripeness ;)

thank you tinajo - it's reassuring to hear that others go through that in the kitchen as well!


That looks delicious. Great idea for getting the greens eaten!

And I am the same with the kitchen and cooking. There are many nights when we all have popcorn for dinner.

I like the frequency of your posts. I think it suits the blog and your aesthetic perfectly (and I'm not inundated with recipes I want to try!).

jen a

i really appreciate that cinnamon - i try not to be hard on myself when i disappear like that, but sometimes it's easy to think "i hope my readers come back!" ;) thank you so much!


The ebbs and flows are very familiar. Luckily I feel a flow coming on! It's what brought me here :) I love avocado, and spread it on toast all the time, with just a bit of salt and olive oil. But I have to try this, looks delicious!


uhh yes. I am somewhere but not here lately. Busy is good and what? you're not supermom? You are a super mom. Your girls know that for sure. And anything with avocado and egg is fine with me. xoxo

jen a

inge - so happy to have you! and totally agree - added a truffle salt that my girlfriend brought me from france to that dish - it made an amazing difference!

jen - hello love - YOU are super mom. miss you! xo


Sounds, and looks, delightful! And I get the ebbs and flows all too well . . . am in the midst of an ebb myself at the moment. This too shall pass, but in the meantime I'll snack on things like your avocado toast!

jen a

i hope your flow returns soon too jessica!


For an afternoon snack I'll often serve the avocado on toast with malt vinegar. Simple and delicious.

amanda (sweetpotatoclaire)

just found you through small measure~ and I will just say that I bookmarked your page pretty much immediately.

I have become a fan of topping many meals with fried eggs, mmmm mmmm good.

will be trying many of your recipes this summer, I believe!

cheers from another western NC'er


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