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Just made these UTTERLY DEVINE waffles. I'm so excited you're posting about food Jen. Your photos make me want to eat every single thing you ever post about :)

jen a

oh yeah!! so happy to hear they worked out for you - we actually had them again last night for dinner ;)


you have excellent taste in music. i totally agree with you too on it's influence...i feel like i need it.

annd i'm LOVING your blog. yes to waffles, always.

p.s. i've been listening to the civil wars all day today. saw them in concert the other night. HOLY COW.


A petite question for you from a Frenchie girl (Quebec City) :) Could you tell me what you used to do your waffles? Is it a Cuisinart tools or something like this? Thank you :)

jen a

thanks to much esther - it's a little all over the place - if you check out my main blog tomorrow you'll see a metal playlist in honor of national metal day ;)

hi genevieve - it's a waffle iron with circus animal shapes. i bought it at williams-sonoma about 5 years ago. ours makes four shapes of full size waffles {clown, elephant, lion and tent} - it doesn't look like they carry it anymore but a quick google search found these iron that make 3 mini waffles...



Thank you for your rapidly answer... :)

jen a

of course! ;)


Hello Jen,
I've just received my waffle iron yesterday and I have tested it this morning with your recipe. Simplement delicious... I love the taste of the butter and the salt. I have ordered this machine : http://www.amazon.com/NordicWare-15040-Aluminum-Stovetop-Belgium/dp/B00004W4UE Great product form NordicWare (made in USA). I would like to test another recipe that taste more sugar... If you have one, tell me :) Thank you!!!!!

jen a

so happy you found one! and you can totally add another tablespoon of sugar to this recipe! hope to be posting our pancakes next week ;)

Jordan 11

I've just received my waffle iron yesterday and I have tested it this morning with your recipe. Simplement delicious

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