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Gorgeous photos. I am in awe.

Also, am completely loving your music selections. I learn something new every time I click over.

Happy Thanksgiving!


so stunning! cranberries are one of those things that have to have a place in this season for me. (Even if it does cost me an arm and a leg here in Paris for them!) Pumpkin is another one of those flavors and, in fact, I almost started crying over a piece of pumpkin pie last night because it has literally by a couple years since I've tasted that. I was totally caught off guard by the happy emotion! :)

I made my family's Citrus Cranberry Raspberry Sauce last night and I've had it for two meals and a snack so far today :) but I can't wait to give your cranberries a try. Shallots, port, and balsamic? You're killing me.

jen a

thank you tricia - and yes, i am LOVING a little electronic in my life right now... have you heard the new mgmt - you would probably love it!

your sauce sounds so delicious abigail! and i loved that you nearly cried over pumpkin pie - the last time i was in france i was coming off a nearly 30 hour flight/work day and wanted a little dinner before i slept. it turned out to be one of the best meals of my life - and yes, there were tears ;)


just beautiful.

jen a

thank you beth - she makes it easy ;)


stunning jen! where is the red flower from? amazing!!!


Last year I made your cranberries minus shallots and put them over ice cream. This year I got 'brave' and tried the shallots & balsamic plus made more than a few prosecco/ cranberry cocktails with the pour off. I don't know if the cranberry drinks or the cranberry side were more popular- they all disappeared! And for a girl who has never enjoyed cranberries with turkey, I am now a changed woman. Thanks for the recipe and inspiration!!

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