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I love, love, love the trailer Jen :-)


*sigh* love this and the book. xoxo

jen a

thank you lovely ladies - we had fun making it ;)


Love your blog. Great clip. Can't wait to buy the book. Ironically, my brother in law Christopher Nolan created a whole new appreciation for Polaroids in his movie "Memento" so these types of photos hold a special place in our hearts too! Congrats on your success.


it looks great! L O V E !

Miss Pickering

It is such a beautiful book, perfect mix of practical advice and inspiring ideas.

The childlike excitement at the whirr of the camera is delicious.

All my brides are now getting a Polaroid/Instax of their bridal bouquet.

Beautiful video too.


Debbie E

LOVE it!!! the trailer is awesome,ordered mine weeks ago and cant wait!@!! Congrats to all three of you!!

jen a

erika - one of my husband's favorites! thank you and i hope you enjoy the book!

jen - thanks love!

my english rose - so sweet thank you love - might be passing through england on the way to marrakech in feb. - would love to meet you and the hound ;)

deb - thank you so much!


wonderful trailer and congratulations! can't wait to get this myself :)


so awesome!! also, your interview at momfilter was wonderful. i've been making your "pick me up" drink and am in love. thanks for always sharing.

jen a

beth - thank you so much!

anna - SO good to hear from you! how is your little one? so happy the drink is working for you - i'm back on bagels - more on that tomorrow - ha! ;)

Eidine Lubbs

You're really getting there! I hope your career works very well in the future. :)


Love the shot of the shoes!

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