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Sad to say I missed this contest but alas, I comment for a different reason. I have been following your blog for years and it is so beautiful to see the growth of your little ladies. Sharing that with you is heartwarming and inspiring. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and trusting us with your deepest thoughts.

On a different note, while I live not far from New York city, I haven't visited in years! I know you spent a short while living there with your family and I want to make this short trip one for the books. Have you any cafes, shops or landmarks that you used to frequent? I want to check out your favorite haunts! Thank you, you're wonderful!

Joy x

jen a

thank you so much joy! if you send me an email (the 'say hello' link to the right) i would be happy to share some of my favs!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.

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Loving the photos of your kids - such a natural and warm look which isn't that easy as photos now are almost overproduced.

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