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I don't have a Polaroid camera yet, but a, dying to get one! I just love the dreamy quality of Polaroid photos. To die for!


the smell, the heft, the mechanisms of click and whirr, the terrible excitement of setting up the shot and taking it, and the waiting and manipulating of the polaroid that shoots out is so unique, so tactile. :)


Another one?! Oh that's amazing! Was the previous one with "outsiders" or were you all already friends? I assumed the latter. :)

I don't own a Polaroid camera but the nostalgic quality always makes me want to purchase one. I've never seen an action in Photoshop come even close to matching the SX-70's magic use of light. It's that unique trait that makes me want to try. There's no faking Polaroid art (that I'm aware of!).


i found a beautiful polaroid camera at an estate sale...i love looking at it...i am scared to use it! i want to get it right cause you don't have many chances with that small pack of film...but i can't wait to try.

Kimberly Taylor

What a lovely giveaway! Polaroids capture the world in the most delightful, enchanting manner. Every image looks like a dreamworld, or a history, or a sweetly fading memory. I have yet to come across another image capturing device that brings imagination and real life together in so sincere and lovely a way.


i shot a few polaroids and got hooked - but then the camera broke. now i can't stop longing for more. more!

Christine Hickey

I love my SX-70 and the dreamy, instant images I can make with it. I love a good secret and so I can't wait for the book to be released. I'm keeping my fingers crossed I'll get lucky!


Film reminds me how powerful nostalgia is. Thats why I shoot. Instant Love's celebration of that?! One of the best things ever.


Can't wait for it to be released! Would LOVE an early copy :)


It was a risk that thankfully worked out - but I started shooting Polaroid for the first time at our wedding last year. Being the bride and the photographer(!), I wanted our captured memories of that day to be nothing short of magical... the Polaroids went down like a treat and worked like a charm!!

I'm officially hooked:)


i would love to win a copy! cant wait for it to be released :)

Tina Riddell

I love Polaroids for their instant gratification! See it, capture it, enjoy it.

I believe this book will inspire me to get outdoors and shoot some of film waiting in the fridge, film that is waiting patiently for the right moment.

Pamela Herrick

I love my SX70 because it whirs, thunks, and spits! Try that with your digital! And each print is a jewel, of course. Best wishes for great sales of your book. Have been looking forward to it!

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