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Sounds so wonderful--thanks for sharing! xo


Beautiful!!! I absolutely adored the imagery.. Love you for taking me away.. at least for a moment.


Jen, you have such a fluid, beautiful way with words. Looking forward to more pictures and stories from your travels.

Courtney Patch

I was so happy to see your new post! I love these images and can't wait to see more. Morocco is at the top of my "must go" places and now i'm even more convinced.


Love these images....can't wait till you guys do another one of these retreats!

I know what you mean about Marakech (sp?) I've been there and its overwhelming.

Did you see the horses? One of the things I'd rather forget about the city. x


so beautifully written - please have another retreat there! glad you are home safely and look forward to more posts from morocco


breathtaking photos and gorgeous writing Jen. I'm officially entranced.

jen a

thank you so much all... xo

and yes, those poor horses AND donkeys :(


I've really enjoyed following a few of these ladies' Instagram feeds. What you all ate and experienced was wonderful to follow while I'm surrounded by snow and shades of grey! I've only recently "met" Bria via a Flickr group but am thrilled to see yet more amazing sources of inspiration.

Things to do in London

It is look like a beautiful memories of the past. If you travel a place whereby you can see an old street with a person that look like no more clothing to wear im sure you will be touch and maybe will offer something.


what a beautiful post that captures the different feelings of travel...so inspiring! and the photos!! breathtaking!!! thank you so much for this.


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