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I can't say I adore secrets! Especially ones kept from me. But I am glad things are going better and the yashica is divine. Simple divine. xo


sounds tantalising - the secret and the cupcake!

Kristin @ Contented Me

I'm so glad you're back -- and with a stunning photo to boot! Of course now I feel this huge urge to go get a cupcake...

ElliƩtte Fransman

I watch out for your posts every week, even though I haven't commented before. I love to read about your adventures and view your beautiful photographs. Good luck with your websites, can't wait to see how they turn out.

Enjoy the Yashica, I have one too and I love it.


yay! i knew it! can't wait to see the new jenifer altman sites! i also knew i was going to love your yashica shots! ;-)


love love love the shot


Can't wait to see your new site, I'll be waiting eagerly!

And ps: Thanks for the cupcake!



gorgeous picture! I'm so glad I found your blog. I will definitely be linking to it and back frequently. The beauty you share is a gift.

Gretchen Graehl

Thank you for the yummy virtual cupcake! (one of my favorite treats...)


I barely know you and I still find your secret tantalizing. I'm actually writing to thank you for sharing Johnny Guitar. I know and love Etta and T-bone, but this is new to me. Thanks so much. I'm off to make a Pandora station featuring him. Thanks.

jen altman

thank you for the love! if i could wrap up 100 cupcakes and post them all to you, i would!! xoox

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