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ashley crim

simply lovely!! what beautiful memories it must evoke!

so glad you enjoyed mamma mia...you must too have the songs running through your head now!!! and the girls...are they dancing about? can't believe the babe is already walking!!

have a lovely today friend!


jen-would love to do a project like that. could you send more photos in detail please!!


how do you make your photos so soft?? i love them.


perfect, jen. i've been trying to think of something cool to do with our honeymoon stuff as well as our trip to paris. now i have it. thanks.


So very gorgeous...
No further words needed.


you're fabulous - what a neat project! and thank you for the little 'hello'. xo


this is so wonderful. as we are an 'international' couple - i love this idea for all those ticket stubs and flyers i've collected. thanks!

Molly Cooper

Oh! Just found this via Design*Sponge. I have so much meaningful ephemera collected from my husband's and my time together, this would be the perfect project to memorialize it! I am so inspired, thank you :) Such a lovely blog you have here!

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