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"when my girlfriends were buried in the heat and heavy mascara of cosmo magazine, i was wiping flour off the tip of my nose and the latest copy of food & wine." I absolutely love that line. it makes me feel closer to you. xo


I know exactly what you mean about your mind not stopping until you begin to bake. I truly find my inner peace when I cook but especially when I'm baking, kneading dough if you want to be precise. Although I do love baking for fun my parents can always tell when something is wrong when they find me late at night baking in your kitchen.


Hi Jen! I made your sourcream coffee cake recipe today for brunch! No pecans, so substituted organic walnuts and it was still fabulous! Hubby and daughter loved it as well! It's a keeper. Not to mention how beautiful it looks... Thanks so much.

Jean Compton


my mind, it is the same. looks delicious, this one.


Great recipe! Mine burnt a little and got stuck in the cake, but the salvaged bits were delicious!


so glad you enjoyed it!

so sorry noodle! ovens vary so - i tend to start checking on things 10-15 minutes before the recipe says! ;)


just made this and am having a slice. it reminds me of the cakes of my childhood - warm, soft and buttery. its superb and simple. thank you!


but i just wonder why my cake doesn't brown all over nicely like yours. do you know?
it doesn't really matter though. i'm just feeling blissful and happy.

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